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Business Agility

Modern companies have to face the challenge to react quickly to market changes. Classical agility does not help here, as it refers to "local" contexts. The main focus is to optimize the cooperation and design of all areas to form a value-adding unit. From strategy to execution.

Target business agility

Business agility is neither a framework nor a product. Due to our broad experience and competence in the area of scaled agile approaches, we support you with an objective evaluation as well as implementation of suitable approaches for your challenges. 

Markus Brandl

Business Agility Consultant

Dealing with becoming Agile with a holistic approach? Let's talk about it! 


with your challenge, not with a method.

Iterative and transparent

Business agility is not a project. With a view to the desired "agile" target state, we support you in introducing business agility in your company in an iterative and agile way. In this way you minimize the risk of a "failed transformation" and your challenges always set the direction.

Measure & Scale

Business agility should not create more problems or degenerate into self-targeting. Was this step successful or what did it bring? To ensure the improvement of your business performance, this question should be answered for each step clearly before the next one.

Enablement instead of permanent contracting

In the center of attention is the "ability" of your organization to independently approach the target state, to maintain it as well as to further develop it. The sooner you no longer need us, the better.

Broad competence, deep knowledge.